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Aluminium Dosing Furnaces
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Aluminium Dosing Furnaces

Støtek’s energy-efficient furnaces for melting, holding and dosing aluminium are in all ways a sound investment, in the environment, security and not least on the bottom line.
Reliable furnaces with accurate dosing +/-1% and savings of approx. 40% CO2!

  • Prompt dosing
  • Accurate dosing +/-1 %
  • Low air consumption for dosing (2.500,- €/year/sawing)
  • Option of dosing with protective gas
  • Low energy consumption (5.000,- to 25.000,-€/year/sawing)
  • High metal quality, because there is no pressure in the furnace
  • Metal filling from low height (-1400mm)
  • Dosing weights from 0,5 kg 65 kg/Al.
  • Spare part replacement - even during production
  • Removable lid/door for accessible cleaning of the metal
  • The option of mounting a filter in the furnace part and in the dosing pump improves the metal quality
  • Automatic dosing adjustment
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Tilting for change of alloy
  • Standard spare parts

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