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Pioneer Morgan He Electric Ladle
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Pioneer Morgan He Electric Ladle

A highly insulated and efficient unit for the transfer of motten aluminium form bulk melting furnaces for application where the metal must be kept hot in the ladle whilst metal treatment is taking place. suitable for molten metal feed and overnight holding of molten metal.

It can also replace the furnaces at the diecasting stations for applications where at present two furnaces per station are required- one for casting whilst the metal is being treated in the other. only one ladle needs to be positioned at the casting station at any one time.

Available in six standard nominal capacities 200kg, 250kg, 300kg, 500kg, 600kg, and 700kg aluminium capacity.

The Morgan Electric Ladle can be supplied either with slots for use with a forklift truck or with a bewel and geared tilting mechanism for use with an overhead crane.

The semi-embedded heater panels are positioned between the refractory ladle liner and the insulation backing, which is contained in a steel shell. The result is a very compact design suitable for forklift truck rotation fixtures. The ladle is fitted with a swing-aside refractory-lined cover to facilitate filling, cleaning and minimise heat loss. Standard power levels are chosen to provide a melt facility.

Safety interlocks are provided to sound an alarm should an attempt be made to move the ladle without removing the plugs and to signal the presence of metal in the heater chamber should liner failure occur. Conforms to Euronorm standards.

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