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Shaft Furnace
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Støtek Shaft Furnace

Shaft furnace for melting- & holding of aluminium

STØTEK Shaft furnace Fully automatic melting- & holding furnace, with hydraulic tilt. Melting capacity up to 3000 kg Aluminium pr. hour and a holding capacity up to 20.000 kg Aluminium.

STØTEK shaft furnaces are constructed with a very solid steel chassis and lined with high-quality refractory products.. The furnaces are divided in two parts - a melting shaft and a holding part for the metal. The melting burners in the melting shaft are controlled independently from STØTEK shaft furnaces are fully automatic charged. This means that a signal from the shaft indicating that there is room for additional metal in the shaft, combined with the holding part not being completely full, activates an automatic charge from the elevator into the shaft.. To maintain an exact metal temperature in the holding part +/- 3 C°, STØTEK recommends that the holding part always be minimum two-three times larger than the melting capacity. This also provides a better and more homogeneous metal quality.

The holding part can also be fitted with Al Clean Porous Plugs to remove possible oxides and degas the aluminium. The chimney gas from the holding part passes through the melting shaft for an effective energy utilization.

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